My Trip to the united kingdom – A Story with Past Tense Notes

My Trip to the united kingdom - A Story with Past Tense Notes

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The following tale will help you to practice the past modern and past continuous tenses. This tale is first charge practice for all ranges of English then again it undoubtedly has been written with cut back stage learners in brain. While analyzing the reminiscences visible allure for verbs so far modern and the past continuous worrying. I have blanketed notes on the bottom to help you to with this, highlighting the worrying and why it has been used.

Another first charge lessons is to examine the tale out loud. This supplies you merely option first charge pronunciation practice. Please confer with the next articles to help you to with the past tenses.

Key Vocabulary for the tale

Travel industry
Boarding go
Student trade

My Trip to the UK.

My title is Pedro and Im from Spain. As a teenager I steadily mandatory to go to the UK (1). In English categories at college my teacher talked connected to the UK an entire lot. She talked near to how enticing the cities are and how friendly the americans are. But she additionally told us that the cuisine is terrible! When I was at college I was very shy (1) and although I mandatory to ask greater questions connected to the UK I couldnt.

When I was 20 I was operating at a shuttle industry and I saved up adequate cash for a day out a strategies flung elements. There was solely one vicinity that I mandatory to go and that summer I travelled across the UK for three weeks (2). Before my day out I was very excited and I examine connected to the cities that I was going to discuss with; London, Manchester, Leeds and Edinburgh.

I took the metro to get to the Valencia airport and it solely took me 20 minutes from my living (2). While I was trying forward to my boarding go each user shouted my title (three). I stopped, regarded again and Sara, an antique vital other and teens member from college, was status 10 metres interior the back of me. I went over to her and we chatted even as trying forward to our boarding passes. She was additionally going to London and we made a decision to shuttle in combination. I steadily cherished Sara and notion that she was taking a look for groceries hugely first charge. I additionally notion that there is perchance merely option romance on my day out!

It was a short occasion and applicable at some factor of the flight we ate merely option peanuts and drank merely option beer. The solar was shining when we landed in London (three) and each little factor regarded so green. We with ease accrued our luggage and went to to find a taxi to take us to a hostel. While we were trying forward to a taxi we either observed each user else that we knew. Paul, who we knew from a scholar trade four years ago, was speaking with two associates. He mandatory to subscribe to us as he was travelling too. He and Sara talked an entire lot swifter than we all stuck our taxi. I hugely feel she cherished him. After a 15 minute taxi drive we arrived to a stuffed with existence and friendly hostel near to the centre of London.

After we positioned our luggage in our room I went to to find a gear. While I was sending my vital other and teens an e-mail, Sara and Paul were ingesting beer interior the bar (four). She completely cherished him! My feelings of romance soon went away and I made a decision to jump thinking connected to the day out.

I had a very perfect day out! London was enticing and I went to see three monitors interior the West End. I additionally went to Buckingham Palace, rode the London Eye and I walked across the centre and by the river. I hugely enjoyed Manchester, Leeds and Edinburgh additionally. The northern cities were varied amusing and the americans were very superb. I was very lucky in view that I controlled to get tickets and watch a football video game. Manchester City in opposition to Blackburn Rovers. The ambience was unimaginable.

The one factor that amazed me the handiest was the cuisine. It was first charge. I ate varied especially distinctive dietary supplements and minerals from a strategies and in intensity the global. I now love Indian cuisine and I cook dinner it the overall time. I additionally ate fish and chips, sushi, and merely option astonishing pub cuisine.

I additionally met varied americans and I necessities to go again once greater very soon. Sara has now moved to London and he or she and Paul this present day are a couple. I cherished Sara then again I am chuffed for them. Although there wasnt any romance, my three weeks interior the UK was unimaginable. In truth, this time 2 years ago, I was ingesting beer in a bar in Leeds! (5)

Notes from the tale

1. Past Simple past tenet or generalizations.

2. Past Simple comprehensive movements at a acceptable time so far.

three. Past Simple and Past Continuous Together the past modern action interrupts the past continuous action.

four. Two Past Continuous Actions two movements going on on the comparable time.

5. Past Continuous action in progress at a acceptable time so far.

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